Minivans aren't as popular as they used to be, but they're still great family vehicles. In fact, they are designed specifically for families. At Honda, it's well known that we have the best product in the industry and there are many reasons for that.

Here are three reasons to choose a 2021 Honda Odyssey


Some SUVs may offer interesting interior layouts, but none of them offer the cargo volume of a minivan. With the Odyssey, it's simple: you can enjoy nearly 4,000 litres of cargo space (varies according to certain versions and interior configurations) when all the seats are folded down behind the first row. Behind the second-row seats, 2,452 litres are available. And if all the seats are positioned to accommodate people, we still have 929 litres of space at our disposal. No other type of vehicle offers as much.

Smooth ride

There's a big difference between an SUV and a car when it comes to measuring comfort. Yes, SUVs have improved in this area, but nothing beats the smooth ride of a car. In fact, that's true of everything except a minivan. A simple test drive of the Odyssey is all it takes to understand. The Odyssey feels like it's driving on a carpet because it's so exceptionally smooth. This is partly due to the suspension settings and the solidity of the chassis, but also to the vehicle's long wheelbase.


Safety has always been a priority for Honda, and this year's Odyssey offers even more in that regard. Of course, there's the Honda Sensing suite that serves up a myriad of driving aids, all aimed at helping us avoid collisions.

And this year, other elements have been improved. This is the case with the adaptive cruise control, which is now able to follow at low speeds and perform starts and stops. In addition, new parking sensors improve two elements: obstacle detection during tight maneuvers and better pedestrian detection.

An alert also sounds when you get out of the vehicle so that you don't forget anyone in the rear seats.

What more could you ask for in a family car?

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