New Honda vehicles are already recognized for the low fuel consumption of their engines compared to the vehicles with which they compete. That said, fuel consumption is not the only important element when talking about efficiency.

If you want to reduce your footprint on the environment, you must also take into account CO2 emissions. Here, Honda is also able to stand out. The following are the total CO2 emissions per kilometer traveled for the entire range of new Honda vehicles.

We should also note that the Honda Civic, Honda Insight, Honda Accord, Honda Clarity, Honda HR-V, Honda CR-V and Honda Ridgeline are the least polluting vehicles in their respective segments.

  • Honda Fit: 174 g/km CO2

  • Honda Civic Coupé: 189 g/km CO2

  • Honda Civic Sedan: 186 g/km CO2

  • Honda Civic hatchback: 167 g/km CO2

  • Honda Civic Type R: 223 g/km CO2

  • Honda Accord: 170 g/km CO2

  • Honda Accord Hybrid: 117 g/km CO2

  • Honda Insight Hybrid: 115 g/km CO2

  • Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid: 36 g/km CO2

  • Honda HR-V: 181 g/km CO2

  • Honda CR-V: 180 g/km CO2

  • Honda Passport: 265 g/km CO2

  • Honda Pilot: 266 g/km CO2

  • Honda Odyssey: 248 g/km CO2

  • Honda Ridgeline: 269 g/km CO2
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