When buying or renting a car, you don't necessarily think about purchasing various types of insurance to take advantage of additional coverage. However, no one is immune to an incident or misfortune that quickly changes the situation.

Here's what Honda Financial Services has to offer in terms of insurance.

1 - Work

Job loss is undoubtedly undesirable, but it can happen when you least expect it. If so, imagine the incredible feeling of knowing that during your downtime, you won't have to worry about making payments on your vehicle if you opt for Employment Insurance. Best of all, this protection ensures that your credit rating is maintained.

2 - Health

Health is the most precious thing we have. Unfortunately, it is also the most fragile thing we have. Here, Honda Financial Services offers two types of insurance. First, disability insurance that temporarily takes care of your financial obligations while you recover from an injury or temporary disability. Second, critical illness insurance, which, as its name suggests, protects you in the event of serious health problems such as a heart attack, organ transplant, paralysis, a problem requiring a bypass, etc.

3 - Life

Finally, even if we all wish to be eternal, we are all mortal. When we buy or lease a vehicle, we naturally hope to see the end of the signed contract and in the vast majority of cases, that is what happens. However, if our life comes to an abrupt end, we leave the burden to our loved ones. Here, a life insurance policy comes to simplify their life. In the event of your death, the payments for your vehicle will be settled and your loved ones will even be able to keep your vehicle. In fact, with a life insurance policy, you make a respectful gesture towards those around you.

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