In all likelihood, the 2024 Honda Prologue, the automaker’s very first all-electric SUV, will arrive on the North American market sometime in the next twelve months or so, probably a little later in 2024 in Canada. Honda is positioning its new “light pickup” slightly below the CR-V in its product lineup. It’s longer than 203 mm and wider than 127 mm, roughly comparable to the Passport with which it shares its penchant for practicality with plenty of room in the interior (a volume of approximately 2,900 liters, according to the manufacturer).

Ruggedness reinvented in the 2024 Honda Prologue

The Prologue represents an evolution in terms of its looks, as the vehicle exhibits sleek, simplified lines. The exterior design is elegant and full of finesse, successfully conveying a contemporary feel befitting to an EV. However, the well-integrated large wheels (with 21-inch rims) leave little doubt that this is an SUV-one that Honda qualifies as dynamic and modern. The team of young designers that worked on the project in California also sought to transcend (without excluding) the solid, dependable look that this type of vehicle generally presents. They succeeded in giving the Prologue a so-called “neo-robust” aspect, a harmonious style that’s equally suitable for a chic urban outing or an expedition in the countryside.

An evolving identity

The 2024 Honda Prologue is part of the electrification initiative that the Japanese automaker launched with the introduction of the CR-V Hybrid in 2023. According to Steve Hui, the assistant vice president of Honda Canada, the manufacturer will be releasing no fewer than 30 new EVs worldwide between now and 2030. Thus, the Prologue marks an important step, serving as a sort of springboard toward a reinvented identity. In this regard, it’s revealing that all of the e-Line models will eschew the traditional “H” emblem located on the rear of the vehicle in favor of the full Honda name.

The colors, materials, panoramic moonroof, all-wheel drive, meticulous interior workmanship, sophisticated technologies and black protective lining on the rocker panel, bumpers and fender extensions all work together to give the Prologue a demeanor that’s rugged, evolved and balanced. For Honda, the result is revolutionary!


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