The Passport is Honda’s all-purpose sport utility vehicle. Since its initial release, it has built a reputation as the discreet explorer of the Honda family, offering dynamic proportions and a unique look. This very capacity for adventure is one of the qualities that have really set it apart.

The 2024 Honda Passport should be no exception. In fact, Honda executives hope to broaden its horizons even further by increasing the capabilities of the TrailSport version.

Already well-designed for off-roading, the little TrailSport will likely avail of updated equipment, notably high-performance all-terrain tires, in order to tackle even the most rugged terrain.

A powerful engine for the 2024 Passport

Under the hood of the 2024 Honda Passport, we’ll once again find the powerful 3.5 L 280 hp V6 engine, which may get a little bump up to 285 hp for the new model year. Inspired by the reworked powertrain of the Honda Pilot, this engine may be combined with Honda’s newly developed 10-speed transmission.

To retain its all-terrain capabilities, the 2024 Passport will avail of Honda’s all-wheel drive system, whose efficiency is already tried and true. However, the automaker has confirmed that it doesn’t anticipate offering the vehicle with a hybrid powertrain—at least not for now.

A revised cabin for the 2024 Honda Passport

The interior of the Honda Passport will feature only a few minor changes for 2024. Chiefly, the workmanship will exhibit modifications to certain specific details to ensure enhanced comfort. As for the infotainment system, it will likely retain the same 8-inch touchscreen and full smartphone compatibility, while integration with the most recent Google system, as found in the new Honda Accord, is still under study.

One feature that distinguishes the Passport is its cargo volume, which is among the best in its class. In this regard, the new 2024 Honda Passport won’t undergo any changes, remaining one of the most practical all-purpose SUVs on the market.

You’ll have to wait a few more months to see the arrival of the 2024 Honda Passport at Lallier Honda, but you definitely won’t be disappointed!