With the [2023 Honda Civic Type R](/en/new/honda/civic-type-r/2023/manual), we can safely say that the Tokyo-based automaker has managed to raise the bar even higher. In the world of compact sports cars at relatively reasonable prices, we can herald this as yet another success. This is because the sports model in the Civic lineup (remodeled in 2021) has benefitted from some significant improvements. ## **THE 2023 HONDA CIVIC TYPE R: A NEW BELLE** Honda didn’t stop at simple cosmetic retouches for the 2023 Civic Type R. It appears to be confirmed that, in Canada, the power of the excellent 2.0 L four-cylinder turbo engine under the hood of the Type R series has increased to 315 hp, while its torque has increased to 310 lbf·ft, representing a gain of 15 pound-feet. Furthermore, it’s still front-wheel drive. Honda engineers have led us to believe that they’ve worked to optimize the turbocharger, the intake manifold and the exhaust system. New turbine blades produce pressure over a greater range of power, while the exhaust features an active valve that opens at high speed. Another improvement: the six-speed manual transmission (the only available option) benefits from new rev-matching parameters. ## **LIGHTER, MORE RIGID AND MORE OF A “BADASS”** With regard to the body, an enlarged grille—along with an oversized radiator and fan—provides better aeration to the engine. Honda also anticipates receiving very good scores on the racetrack. The 2023 Civic Type R features a wider track (+ 1 inch in the front and + ¾ of an inch in the rear), while the automaker has increased the wheelbase by ¼ of an inch. For this ultra-powerful traction, an incredibly efficient dual-axis strut front suspension system does a great job of suppressing torque steer. Honda equips its Type R series with 19-inch rims designed for wide tires, as well as ventilated brakes that are more proficient than ever. The rear spoiler and diffuser feature input from the members of the HRD Sakura Super GT racing team. On board, the vehicle’s occupants are closer to the ground, while enjoying greater visibility. The racing ambience is omnipresent and is capped off with a Bose audio system and all of the currently popular driver-assist and safety technologies.