The 2020 Honda CR-V is a leading small SUV that holds several advantages over the competition. These include several exterior, drivetrain, safety, and interior features. With six models to choose from, the CR-V offers more choices than one if its rivals, the Ford Escape. 

The 2020 Honda CR-V excels in advanced shifting

The Honda CR-V includes better transmission options. Each CR-V features a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that offers a full range of gear ratios, encouraging smoother shifting, better efficiency, and precise operation. However, the CVT is available on the Escape only if it is purchased with a hybrid model. Standard equipment is an old-fashioned automatic transmission. All CR-V models also receive lighter aluminum alloy wheels, but steel wheels are still found in the Escape model line. 

With additional interior and safety features, the 2020 Honda CR-V impresses more

The interior of every CR-V is made to be comfortable and appealing. Panels and other interior surfaces include quality synthetics and designs. However, the interior of a typical Escape model includes the wide use of hard plastics that make the interior appear cheaply constructed. If you are going to entertain business associates and friends in your SUV, impressions will go much further in a CR-V. 

The Honda CR-V surpasses the Ford Escape in the amount of standard safety equipment, which includes passive and active safety and driver assist technologies. For example, Adaptive Cruise Control is standard throughout the CR-V line, but it is only available as an option with the Escape. As a matter of fact, all active and passive equipment in the CR-V are standard, no matter which model you purchase. Buyers have a peace of mind knowing their CR-V is equipped with all the safety technology available for the model line. 

The CR-V exceeds the Ford Escape when it comes to interior space. If you need top capacity for a full load with the rear seat down, the CR-V offers 2,146 litres to the Escape’s 1,851. That’s a big difference, especially when you need the room for a vacation or even hauling materials for a backyard project. When the rear seat is up, the CR-V still wins, with up to 280 litres of additional space. That comes in handy during big grocery runs, hockey practice, or other events where simple rear compartment storage is desirable. 

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