Towing operations are routine for some drivers, but for others it can be a headache, especially when they are new to the business. So, here are five quick tips to make life easier.

1 - Avoid overloading

Your Honda vehicle has been designed with a specific towing capacity. Please respect it. Yes, you'll certainly be able to tow a little more than the manufacturer's recommendation, but by the way, it’s going to require extra effort on the mechanical side. In the end, it's the life of your engine and transmission that you risk handicapping.

2 - Driving

An overloaded trailer can make it more difficult to drive your vehicle. Even though today's models are very safe, you can't risk driving with a hitch where the weight is not evenly distributed. Your steering, braking system, acceleration, everything you know about driving your vehicle will then be altered - and not for the better.

3 - A place to practice

Since we're talking about the behaviour of your vehicle with a trailer in the back, think about doing a little reconnaissance before hitting the road for the family vacation. A test drive after you've secured your load will let you know if anything is wrong and allow you to make adjustments before you experience a potentially problematic situation in heavy traffic.

4 - Additional mirrors

If the trailer you're towing is massive, seriously consider adding specialized mirrors to help you better see what's going on behind it. You can never put enough emphasis on this aspect when it comes time to go into towing mode.

5 - Trailer brakes

Many question whether it is necessary for a trailer to rely on its own brake system. In fact, the installation of a system is mandatory if the weight of the trailer, including the load, is 1300 kg, or 2860 pounds. It is also mandatory when the same mass exceeds half of the net mass of the vehicle pulling it.

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