The HR-V is an SUV that focuses on performance, utility and efficiency, and it is offered in three trims (LX-2WD, Sport, and Touring). It continually rises to the challenge against stiff competition in the subcompact segment. Here, we compare it to the 2020 Nissan Qashqai, another subcompact SUV, across key categories. 

Beyond its great looks, the exterior of the HR-V includes dimensions that support its performance and handling. The HR-V’s hunkered stance of 170 mm - compared to the Qashqai’s 220 mm - provides a lower center of gravity that is useful when handling the vehicle around tight turns. High-standing vehicles may feel bulky and less sporty. With a beginning curb weight of 1330 kg, the HR-V weighs up to 105 kg less than the Qashqai. This contributes to a more agile driving experience.

The 2020 Honda HR-V has better performance and AWD options

The HR-V and Qashqai have four-cylinder engines that both generate 141 horsepower. However, all HR-V trims receive a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), whereas only the top two Qashqai trims receive one. You’ll have the opportunity to save more fuel across the HR-V line with the CVT - and two trims feature paddle shifters. Three HR-V trims also include AWD compared with only two Qashqai models. 

If you want the most efficient option out of both vehicles, the HR-V LX-2WD features a fuel consumption rating of 8.4/7.0 L/100 km (city/highway). The Qashqai’s S trim is the least efficient out of both lines with a rating of 10.0/8.2 L/100 km. The HR-V is the right choice if you want the most eco-friendly option.  

There is a surprising amount of cargo space in the 2020 Honda HR-V

Generally, subcompact SUV buyers don’t experience a significant amount of cargo space when buying in this class. The good news is that the HR-V offers a rear seat-down cargo volume of 1665 litres (FWD model), 16311 litres (AWD LX), and 1583 litres (Sport and Touring). All trims exceed the Qashqai’s available cargo volume by 91 to 165 litres. With the rear seat up, the HR-V also beats the Qashqai by 91 litres in most models.  This gives you more flexibility over the Qashqai. 

There are many other features that make the 2020 Honda HR-V one of the best in its class. Visit our dealership today for a demonstration and test drive. 

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