One of the highlights of the summer is the start of the family vacation. One's head is full of dreams and one has only one desire; to make them come true and share them with your loved ones.  

However, poor planning can ruin a perfect vacation. So, here are five little tips that will help reduce the risks.


1 - The importance of planning

When travelling as a family, especially with young children, it is important to know exactly what you are going to do with your day. If our children's schedule is not organized, they will organize it. Also, a well-planned and full day avoids moments of boredom and makes you feel that you have enjoyed your day once it is over.


2 - Leave early

If you have a long drive to make to your destination, it is recommended that you leave very early. This way, the children will finish their night in your vehicle and by the time you reach your destination, you will still have time to enjoy your day. In fact, depending on the number of hours required to reach your goal, you can easily add a day of activities to your vacation simply by leaving home early.


3 - Empower your children

If you have one or two days to spend on the road, this can be a long time for children, young or old. In order to involve them in the process, since they are not old enough to drive, why not give them certain tasks throughout the journey? For example, one could be responsible for calculating the actual fuel consumption of the vehicle, another could be responsible for navigation. Other tasks, such as making sure to keep the environment clean at each stop, are also ideas of responsibilities that can be shared when you're on the road as a family.


 4 - Simple games

For the younger ones, and for those times when they won't be plugged into electronic devices, why not take a notebook full of sheets representing road signs? When your young people identify the signs, they can simply write them in their notebooks. One day, they will be called upon to become drivers themselves; it's never too early to learn.


5 - More... complex games.

Nowadays, navigation systems are automatically used to reach your destinations. Why not take advantage of a family moment to teach your children how we used to travel back in the day, using a good old road map? In fact, get an atlas and put your children in charge of navigation; fun, laughter and memories guaranteed.

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