When we talk about towing capacity, we often visualize a large trailer or a long boat behind a pickup truck. However, some towing operations are more modest and don't necessarily require the capabilities offered by a full-size pickup truck. Take a snowmobile weighing about 500 pounds, for example. It is clear that several vehicles can tow it. Let's see which models can do so within the Honda family.

1 - CR-V

The CR-V is the second SUV in the Honda family after the HR-V. If the HR-V is too small to consider towing operations, this is not the case with the CR-V, which is capable of towing loads of up to 1500 pounds. That's enough for a small trailer (500 pounds) and a snowmobile (about 500 pounds).

2 - Odyssey

Before falling into the world of the brand's other SUVs (Passport and Pilot) and the Ridgeline pickup truck, all capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds, we find the Odyssey on our path. The latter offers a good compromise with a maximum capacity of 3500 pounds, which is good for one snowmobile... or two, with the right trailer. As a bonus, we take advantage of all the space for equipment with this vehicle, in addition to seven seats.

3 - Passport and Pilot

The Passport and Pilot SUVs are actually twins in the Honda family, but they offer different experiences. The Passport has a five-seat configuration, while the Pilot can accommodate seven or eight passengers. The Passport offers a slightly sportier ride, while the Pilot is more of a comfort champion. Either way, you'll find satisfaction with both, as well as ample capacity for your snowmobiles.

4 - Ridgeline

With the Ridgeline, the capacity is the same, but the versatility is increased due to the presence of a bed in the back. This can accommodate the equipment, but also an additional snowmobile. With the Ridgeline, you have the advantage of the SUV and pickup truck combined. A model to discover. What's more, this model is aesthetically refreshed for 2021 and looks more attractive than ever.

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