The 2023 Honda Odyssey minivan is leveraging the qualities that have earned it renown in the past. These include safety, dependability, effective soundproofing and a high-performance powertrain. The entry-level EX version of the Odyssey is well equipped, while the EX-L is even plusher, and the available Black Edition, new for 2023, notably offers black 19-inch rims, black accents and distinctive leather upholstery. This deluxe version with a price tag of around $60,000 includes all of the existing cabin technologies and active safety equipment. ## **THE 2023 HONDA ODYSSEY: THE STRONG, SILENT TYPE** In a category in which competitors that have transitioned to hybrid versions have been formidable, the 2023 Honda Odyssey proves to be conservative, but confident in its means. This is particularly the case of its reliable mechanical components, which include a naturally aspirated 2.5 L V6 engine. This engine is an exemplary model of its type, generating 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque with both vigor and agility. Even with eight passengers and their luggage, this V6, capable of towing up to 3,500 pounds, never runs out of steam. There was no need for the 2023 Honda Odyssey to sacrifice practicality in favor of comfort, which is more than adequate thanks to the vehicle’s forgiving suspension. By folding down both rows of rear seating, you’ll avail of 3,984 liters of cargo volume. To give you a clearer picture, a 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood will fit in lying flat. Another convenient feature: the power tailgate is height-adjustable so that it won’t encroach on anything directly behind or above it (for example, the ceiling of the parking garage) when it opens. ## **A PLEASANT ENVIRONMENT DAY AFTER DAY** Thanks to state-of-the-art soundproofing, passengers aboard the 2023 Honda Odyssey can carry on a conversation without having to yell, even when traveling on the highway. In fact, thanks to the Cabin Talk system, which features a microphone linked to a speaker, the driver can easily converse with the passengers seated in the rear. What’s more, the two second-row seats can move away from each other laterally (by means of the Magic Slide system), preventing boisterous passengers, for example, from bumping into each other.