There will be an all-new HR-V in the Honda family next year. Its arrival in dealerships is even imminent. That's why we know just about everything about it. The least we can say is that there is a lot of good news to share with you.

In fact, it's so interesting that we can't wait to share it with you. Let's see what some of the good news looks like.


First, let's look at what will be the heart of the new 2023 HR-V, which is its powertrain. It's actually quite simple. Since the new model will be built on the structure of the new Honda Civic, it will benefit from its entry-level engine, a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder offering 158 horsepower and 138 lb-ft of torque.

A continuously variable transmission will take care of transmitting the power to the wheels. The LX model is a two-wheel or four-wheel drive, while the Sport and EX-L Navi models are four-wheel drives.

As for fuel consumption, you can relax and breathe easy, because we're expecting averages of 7.4 and 7.8 liters per 100 kilometers for highway driving.

The format

Because it's switching from the Fit's chassis to the Civic's, the HR-V is getting bigger. In all, we're talking about an addition of 221 mm to the length, 45 mm to the wheelbase and 70 mm to the width. Obviously, this model will offer us more comfort, but also better handling due to its more planted position on the ground. Add to that the fact that we'll now benefit from an independent rear suspension and you'll understand that the new HR-V's behavior will have nothing in common with the old one.

Each version will be equipped with 17-inch wheels.

As for the model's styling, as you can see, it features the brand's new signature, a very eye-catching approach. However, the different variants of the HR-V will be recognizable thanks to different designs at the height of the grille.

The living space

Finally, if the current HR-V offered us an interesting interior layout, it will be even better with the new version. First of all, the quality of the interior is going to take a leap forward, as it will be inspired by what was done with the Civic. And in that respect, it's very convincing. Then, everything related to the multimedia system will be easier to use, not to mention that user-friendliness will also take a step forward. With the EX-L Navi model, for example, you'll get a nine-inch screen instead of a seven-inch one, and you'll be able to connect wirelessly to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Cell phone charging will also be wireless.

And in terms of design, in addition to seeing a highly stylized dashboard take shape before their eyes, drivers will see that everything has been thought out for their comfort with an orientation that makes their work easier.

In truth, it's an extraordinary piece that Honda is about to let us try with this new HR-V. Be sure to come and discover it with us in the next few weeks.

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