When a new product appears on the market, existing models in a given category are automatically threatened. After all, the competition has had plenty of time to develop a superior product.

With its new Palisade, introduced for 2020, Hyundai has designed a model that has everything it needs to establish itself. However, it doesn't have all the tools to win, as a comparison with the Honda Pilot proves. The exercise makes us understand that Honda's representative is in no way threatened.

Why not? First of all, because the Honda Pilot 2022 is more advanced than ever. A TrailSport variant has even been added to the lineup this year. It features a raised suspension, which gives the model a 0.6-inch higher ground clearance. That's perfect for venturing off the beaten path with more confidence, especially since 18-inch wheels with better surface skills are included.

The model is also decorated with black accents and specific logos. We don't find this kind of proposition at Hyundai with the Palisade.

Then, on the road, we get a model that offers a more responsive driving experience with the Pilot. Better yet, it's more frugal at the pump, as evidenced by its average rating of 9.3 L/100 km on the highway. That's better than the Palisade's anticipated 9.6 L/100 km.

Then there's the question of interior volume. Here, Honda gives Hyundai a lesson in layout. Behind the third row of seats, it's comparable; 524 liters for Honda, 510 for Hyundai. Behind the second row, the gap widens; 1583 liters with the Pilot, 1297 with the Palisade. Then, the hecatomb when you fold down all the seats. The Pilot offers 3087 liters of cargo space. With the Palisade, only 2447. The difference is gigantic. You'll never run out of space with a Pilot. With a Palisade, you'll see that the volume fills up quickly when you travel.

In closing, how can we ignore the legendary reliability of Honda products? Hyundai may do well with its models, but it can't offer the peace of mind that comes with choosing a vehicle with a Honda engine.

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