The Honda Civic has always been known as one of the most fuel-efficient cars around, and the 2022 version is no exception. Here are some of the technologies it uses to reduce its appetite in fuel.

The Econ mode

As with every Honda, the 2022 Civic benefits from the Econ mode. This drive mode can be selected by a green button placed on the dashboard. One activated, Econ mode reworks the throttle response and makes the transmissions prioritize lower engine speeds in order to allow for the lowest fuel consumption possible. The fact that the accelerator becomes more progressive and less reactive is appreciated by many drivers who like to drive in a smoother manner. The Econ mode is also paired with the Eco Assist system, which  coaches you to drive in a more efficient way via lights that change colors according to the quantity of fuel you are burning at any given time.

The CVT transmission

The 2022 Honda Civic is equipped as standard with a CVT transmission which is the most efficient type of gearboxes actually used in the automotive industry. This efficiency comes from the design, since there are no gears to shift, the engine can be kept at a speed where it is the most powerful or the most efficient. During acceleration, the transmission will vary its ratio in order to maintain a high engine speed that will be translated into brisk accelerations. On the other hand, when you are driving at steady speeds, the transmission will do its best to keep the engine revs low in order to maximise every drop of fuel that is burned. This is also true of city driving, where this type of transmission can make any journey more enjoyable by possessing a level of smoothness that is incomparable to any other types of automatic transmissions.

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