It's been known for some time now that Honda has been working on redesigning its popular Civic. The manufacturer finally gave us a first glimpse of it by unveiling a concept version online.

This study presents the sedan version of the model, but a hatchback version is also planned. The same goes for the sporty Si version, as well as the crazier Type R, the queen of performance within the family. The sedan will arrive first in the spring of 2021, while the other models will follow later.

The Civic adopts a more mature and simplified style. Its proportions, with a low hood and a rearward-facing cabin, offer enthusiasts the lines of a rear-wheel-drive car, but with a front-wheel-drive model. The effect is spectacular. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the new approach, which required the A-pillars to be set back from the driver, has increased visibility from the inside.

The new 2022 Honda Civic will benefit from a revised and stiffer chassis. However, the engines have not yet been announced. Honda promises them to be more powerful and more efficient.

Inside, the theme of maturity has also been taken up with a clean and uncluttered look, as well as the integration of the latest technologies. In addition, it will be possible to enjoy a digitally-displayed instrument cluster while the nine-inch touch screen of the infotainment system will hide a new audio system. An interesting aesthetic touch is the long horizontal strip that hides the air vents. The effect is pleasing to the eye.

In terms of safety, new active and passive systems will be present from the launch.

All in all, the 11th-generation Civic has everything it takes to continue Honda's dominance in the compact segment. The current generation has sold 300,000 units across the country, and there's every reason to believe that the new Civic will do even better.

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